One of those check-ins I warned about…

12 May

Bonus program from Melbet Bags packed. CHECK!

Family notified. CHECK!

Tea drunk. (drank?) CHECK!

List gone over. CHECK!

List checked again. CHECK!

Bean notified. CHECK!

Boarding pass printed. CHECK!

Nerves calmed. …

iPod charged. CHECK!

Garbages emptied. CHECK!

Mail held. CHECK!

HBB thanked. Multiple times. CHECK! CHECK! CHECK! …

HBB is the BEST…

12 May

Happy Couple in our favorite place

1xbet bonus Nigeria But of course, you all already KNEW that. I may post again tomorrow later. Once or twice or fifteen times in the midst of my preparation… or I may not. But tonight for now let me just say… squee! I’m going to ABQ tomorrow later today to hug my baby girl’s heart! And I’m absolutely verklempt at the thought of it… I have to be the luckiest bride ever. Seriously, the luckiest!

Had to edit when I realized that this was posted after midnight and I noticed the date was the same as my flight date… Okay. I think I’d better go to sleep now. I am so glad I did all of the laundry today.

Another family portrait

11 May

1xbet app Sunday was not just Mother’s Day in our family. It was also my dad’s 79th birthday. So our family gathered in the backyard for a few photos.

family portrait sans grandchildren

Tuesday… with a bullet or two

11 May

Family portrait
  • I like that when I get home from a visit to the local coffee shop, where I’ve had a cup of tea and a quiet visit with a friend or two, and some time spent reading one of the seven books I’m currently working on, that when I pull off the sweater I’ve been reading, it smells of fresh roasted coffee.
  • I loved getting up from the sofa last night, where I’d been sitting reading the tweet streams for American Gods for quite a while, and feeling the five miles I’d put on in my “special shoes”. I guess they really do work the legs a little bit differently. But more importantly? The cushion-y goodness on my feet.
  • Finding a short video clip of one’s BFF in one’s in-box that can make one giggle no matter how often one watches it is just about the best thing EVAR. Especially when the weather here is the worst, but methinks it is just the way one’s BFF likes it.
  • Having a treadmill to walk on when the weather is crap is awesome. Especially when I can set up my computer on it and watch something to take my mind off the fact that I’m exercising.
  • Daughters are precious no matter what is happening in your life, or in theirs. I love you, Bean.

Family portrait


10 May

Must stop reading comments on news media. They make me angry and sad.

Carry on.

Monday thoughts…

10 May

American Gods

Ellen hair and an unknown child

Have you noticed how great Ellen DeGeneres’s hair looks lately? THAT is how I want my hair cut the next time I go in. Just like that. Do you suppose she’d mind coming up to Minnesota and stopping by the salon so Maggie can just have a closer look before cutting me? Hmm… Probably not.

Unfortunately, I’d also have to grow my hair OUT a little before I could cut it to this style. And I’ve tried that a couple of times and my personality is just not having it again.

Have jumped in with both feet to the reading of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and because I’ve finished chapter 3, started to read along with the discussion going on around Twitter with One Book, One Twitter. (It’s not too late, if you are interested!) As one fellow reader mentioned recently, community reading is great because all of the comments and discussions bring so many more nuances to the front that I may miss the first time. And it forces me to read more carefully. I wouldn’t want to read every book in this manner, but I’m having fun with this one. And am glad there is a schedule because I have another one coming in the mail to review for LibraryThing and am working on four others. But no pressure. :) )

You can find the schedule to read along and join discussions here. And the best part is, it’s a good book!

New Shoes and Happy Mommy Day to the Mommies!

8 May

From a few years ago... Happy Birthday, papa!

It’s been a fun day with HBB.

  • We delivered bicycles
  • and went to the coffee shop.
  • We ran to Target for a few things
  • and went to DSW where I picked up a new pair of highly cushioned shoes which provided us many laughs (due to the sales people and DVD which came w/ the shoes). I’ve been wearing them most of the day having learned (during my plantar fasciitis research) I am not supposed to be barefoot ever!!! I’m sure running around barefoot on the wood (laminate) floors are not good for me, either.
  • I managed to get all of his lunches for the week prepped today so I wouldn’t have to do any of it tomorrow because we are going over to my parents’ house.
  • Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday (and mothers’ day, of course), so the family is gathering.
  • And we had dinner over a crossword puzzle, which is always quite entertaining.
  • Tonight was several old episodes of 30 Rock.
  • We’re reading a book together… Fool, by Christopher Moore. Time for some of that now, if I can stay awake long enough.
  • Not exactly Simon & Garfunkel, but maybe they’ll really pull it off in July on the rescheduled date.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you lovely women who read my blog. Even the non-mommies who read are some of the best caregivers I know. Love to each of you. Thank you for being my friend.

2 fave peeps. Happy Birthday, papa! And the reason I'm a happy Mom on Mother's day. Thank You, Bean! I love you.