In order to keep track of my overloaded yarny brain, and maybe somewhat in honor of International Craft/Crochet/Knit Month, I reinstituted my crochet blog. Mostly just to have a place to keep track of what I’m doing with projects. But because I’m doing so much crochet right now, reading has rather fallen by the wayside, as has writing, as has eating, drinking, showering… (ha. Just kidding!)

Just thought I’d mention it here since I’m so scarce. I have a book in need of review for LT, which I have not yet read (it DID only arrive last week) and just learned that I would be receiving another one, so I do need to get going on it. But I also have a sweater to finish, another sweater to make, a baby blanket to make, and we’ll see what else. I was planning a skeleton (fillet) curtain, too. WORK TO DO!

I think we’re on the down side of winter, Doc!

Catching up/Where I’ve been

Carolyn's Afghan

So I finished that afghan and gave it to my girlfriend, Cari. Even though I had to order more yarn to complete it and the yarn wasn’t an exact match, I thought it turned out okay. The back side of the blanket is also interesting because it looks nothing like the front, which is kind of cool. I’m pleased with the results and even more happy that I finished something that had been sitting around for such a long time and something I never imagined I would complete. But I did it! Woot!

Since that time, I’ve made a few crafting decisions. I had come into 2011 with the plan that this would be the year I finally took a knitting class. This was because I always felt I was lacking in my yarny skills without having knitting under my belt. I also thought I’d sort of conquered crochet. But I was oh so wrong! I have made a lot of crocheted items that were up there in the difficulty ratings. The first projects I made were highly rated for difficulty and had many different stitches in many combinations. I kind of thought I had done it all… lace, tablecloths, baby stuff, afghans up the wazoo, hats, mittens, multi-colors, etc. It looked like knitting was my next logical step.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been surfing around sucked into completely addicted by Ravelry. I have found groups devoted to a bunch of new (to me) crochet styles that have me learning whole new skill sets that will have me making new and beautiful items for years. While I have nothing against learning knitting, as it will only add to what I can make and do, I no longer feel I have the time or the desire to do it this year. I am and will be learning all about Tunisian crochet and making everything that I can get my mind around with this craft, and may even dive into some tapestry crochet, as well.

I feel my brain getting younger and more flexible already. If you’re looking for me, you’re more likely to find me in Ravelry than on Facebook. Or surfing Flickr for ideas.

Now I’m just hoping this fog clears soon because I want to get back to Hudson. I understand there are new hooks and yarn waiting there for me. I can’t wait!

Things I’m grateful for today (in my half glass full new year)

Fewer days this winter with cold dead fingers and toes. I’ve hardly even noticed the affliction.

Coffee maker in da house!

The days are getting SO MUCH longer already (thanks for pointing that out, Bean).

HBB still has a job.

I was also going to add that I’ve driven in to dt Minneapolis so many times over the past couple of weeks with Keli doing apartment hunting and school stuff and that I was really grateful that I’d not gotten lost or had any accidents in the bad weather or other problems. During the drive today, however, we were driving very carefully along with the rest of the traffic when ahead I noticed a hubcap in the lane and a car moving over within striking distance. The car breezed right over the top of it and I thought I was in the clear. But the drift from that car caught under the hubcap and sent it sailing right toward me. I wasn’t able to get a good look at the front of my car until I got home when I saw that the light cover had been broken. Could have been a lot worse. So I’m still grateful.

Brownies for breakfast

Well, not exactly. First there was the hot cereal with the flax thrown in for good measure. And the vitamins. And the coffee. The brownie was more of an afterthought because if we let them sit here much longer they will get old and stale and dry. Who wants that to happen? And they taste so good with a hot cup of fresh coffee. So I sliced a little sliver off the end and indulged.

It’s okay, though. It’s all about moderation in everything. (Except for coffee. Coffee is a freebie. Everybody knows that.) Like how I moderately took Vali for a little walk through the neighborhood this morning. And now she’s tucked up on our bed looking out the window from her favorite perch because she can really get a good look at pretty much all of the goings on of the other dogs and walkers from there.

There were plans for today. But we had to postpone them for another day. And that’s okay. It will all get done in due time. I really hope this radar that I’m looking at doesn’t mess with the plans for tomorrow because those plans are a little more important than today’s from a timing sense.

Current Work In Progress

So today I’ll work on my current WIP. 2011 is the year of more projects and trying to get them finished. I’m working on two right now. I started a pair of mittens yesterday which are quite quick if I stick with them but I’m in no hurry about anything. Crochet right now is all about relaxation and finishing projects, not about being in a hurry to get a lot of things done. The project I’ll work today is a lap blanket that I actually started several years ago and then put in a bag and stuck in a closet because I felt I’d never finish and thought the fuss wasn’t worth it. Now that I’ve got a new attitude about slow and steady winning the race, I’m really enjoying it.

My whole reading thing is feast or famine for me. I’m either reading constantly and putting away a lot of books, or I’m not picking up anything. (I guess I have some difficulty with the whole moderation thing in all areas of my life. I’m trying to remedy that. But at the same time, Keli and I are sitting down to marathon sessions of The Office to get through and get caught up with current positioning because I only just started watching it during the last season. I’ve never been great with moderation to be honest. I’d offer you a handful of my popcorn, but I ate the whole bowl already…)

Hope everybody enjoys the second full week of the year.

Caution: this may be habit forming (or not)

Dang… It’s hard to keep up a consistent writing habit after NOT being consistent for such a long time. But it’s good to form good habits. Like sitting/aka meditation. So I’m starting small by just slowly trying to form little habits of goodness and not allowing myself to get lost in GREAT BIG DISTRACTIONS that are easy and time-consuming. Like spending all day in a corner by the fire with a mug of coffee and a book.

Don’t get me wrong… I do actually spend a bit of time writing. I’ve already got a decent habit of pulling out my favorite Moleskine and favorite pen and scribbling for a certain number of pages or amount of time most days. It’s coming here that takes a different amount of time/heart/desire.

No. I don’t have to. Nobody is forcing me to. Nobody forces anybody to read it, either. And I guess that’s the beauty of it. I’ve never had a big readership. Never claimed to want a large audience. I don’t care. If I did, I wouldn’t keep changing how it looks. I wouldn’t have search engines blocked. I’d find a theme and stick with it. I wouldn’t go on long breaks and start and stop and restart someplace else.

It’s just another place to practice commitment. Coming to the page is a little like coming to the cushion for me. (with one major exception – I so rarely make it to the cushion…)

I do wish it were possible to reap all of the benefits of meditation from writing, crocheting, reading, or mindlessly watching a good movie. ;) I don’t believe it is, but maybe someone could convince me. (This post turned on its ear. NOT where I thought it was going, but I’m going to leave it as it stands. Or sits!)

Another day, another post

and already I have no idea what to say. Oh there are lots of things I’d like to say. But this is 2011 and I can’t/won’t go there. For now I’m going to put on my shoes, sweater, hat, scarf, mittens and jacket and go pick up my girl and bring her here to prep for our next foray into Minneapolis to apartment hunt. That’s Tuesday, part one….

I’m back! Part two of Tuesday consisted of driving in to Minneapolis to look at five apartments in one block and then driving over to another neighborhood and checking out a condo in another neighborhood. At least it was a bright! and sunny! day to be out there. We saw some promising things.

From there it was back to Hudson where we ran an errand or two before meeting up with Doc at Barkers for Barkers margaritas and some wonderful food. Yum.

Then there was a bit of back and forth with Kel for various reasons and now things are settled for the night. And now? LAUNDRY NIGHT! Woohoo!

Funnest part of the day? Definitely margaritas with my girls.

Next up? Decisions to be made, a massage to be had. Finally, people are effin’ crazy. Fo sho.


So I read a few books in 2010. Looks like 70 if I got the lists right. I kept track in several different places. Unfortunately they don’t all match up. But 70 is a nice round number. So we’ll go with that.

Tonight I finished reading Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now. It was not the first time I’ve read this book. It will probably not be the last time I read this book. I will probably suggest that everyone go out and pick up a copy of this book and read it. I think this man has one of the most clear spirits anywhere. And he knows how to get the point across. Although I do think he does a better job of getting that point across in his book A New Earth. So pick up both books. Read them. If you want.

So even though I had The Power of Now on my 2010 list, I’m not counting it in the 70 completed books. It is going on the Book A Week for 2011 as my first completed book of the year. I think it’s a good way to kick off a positive vibe for a positive year.